So what does a content marketing consultant do, anyway?

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That depends on which content marketing consultant you ask, because there are a lot of different approaches to content and social media marketing floating around out there. Some of them are highly technical. And, while I’m not saying they’re wrong, the truth is that they won’t do much good if your digital marketing strategy isn’t aligned with your business objectives.

That’s where I start.

The truth is that there are some pretty simple ways to improve content marketing; you just have to shake off the hype and focus on your business fundamentals.

I can help with that, too. 


A large part of what I do as a content marketing consultant is to ask you lots of questions to help pin down your strategic goals so we can decide what kind of digital marketing you really need.

For example, one of the most common mistakes my clients have made is talking to the wrong audience — in other words, writing for people who do what they do rather than for people who buy what they do.

It’s been dubbed the “curse of knowledge,”  because subject matter experts tend to forget how much they didn’t know back before they were experts. So they scare away people at the top of the funnel by making them feel like they don’t have the expertise to use your product.

That’s where a content marketing consultant comes in.

  • I make sure your content and social media initiatives are aligned with your overall business strategy.
  • I make sure you’re talking to the right people in the right place in the sales funnel, so that you don’t scare away people with little knowledge by talking to them like they’re experts.
  • I make sure you have content that correctly targets each segment of your audience and where they are in the sales funnel.
  • I help you identify what you want people to think, do, or feel after reading your blog posts or web content.
  • I write or outsource web content and blog posts that accomplish the goals we identify.

Reach out now if you need help with your digital marketing efforts.

I’m happy to work with you in any way that makes you comfortable, whether that’s a one-off consultation or a monthly retainer. I’m also happy to take on special projects, from content creation to editing your current content and reviewing it for strategic opportunities. We can also talk about your social media efforts and whether you’d benefit from content syndication.


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